About us

A little more about Park Right Services.

Originally based in Croydon we at Park Right Services are a parking management company looking to assist the community. Our Moral at Park Right is to not only provide the highest service to all our clients but also to assist in any way we can to create safe and unhindered working or living environment for businesses and residents. We at Park Right wish to give back - this is why when we take on your site, we're looking for you to be happy with what we're doing, regardless of size and what solution you have chosen.


For Businesses contemplating Park Right, whether you're looking for someone to assist with your car park or just sick of drivers parking in your private property, we can help. Our skilled logistics team prepare a personalised plan to create the perfect solution for you. With businesses, we strive to protect your investments and stop parking infringements from getting in the way of your day to day.
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For Residents, we want to make sure you get your spot. Our Wardens consistently patrol to ensure that your parking spaces are not affected by incosiderate drivers. We at Park Right are focused on safety around your home. As well as our patrol officers, we have flexible plans for lighting and CCTV installation to help you feel more secure.
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BPA Membership

Approved Operator scheme

Designed specifically for parking mangement on private land or in unregulated public car parks.

Safer Parking Scheme


Safer Parking facilities are areas which have been police vetted in order to create a safe environment.

Disabled Parking Accreditation


An accreditation owned by Disabled Motoring UK aimed at improving parking facilities for disabled motorists.

About Us

We're here to help.

Created in Croydon, Park Right Services are a London based company, who're always looking to give back to the community. Our specialised team are consistently working to ease parking frustrations for businesses and residents by offering a wide range of solutions. We strive to ensure your private land is to be parked on by you and only you.